Episode 8: Officially A Bun!

I’ll be 12 weeks in just three days and I have finally discovered my bump! I mean my real and actual Bump! When I stand I can hold it all in, for the most part, it’s just my Diastasis Recti… But when I laid down in bed the other night, I could definitely feel a bump! 

I was actually thinking there for a while that maybe it was some sort of fluke (in 3 consecutive pregnancy tests???) because I really wasn’t showing, you know? I felt certain symptoms; the fatigue, the morning sickness that lasted all day, the tender bits, and the like, but as for actually showing… I had nothing. 

When I had gotten pregnant the second and third times I showed right away but that could have been because I didn’t even try to suck it in (hahaha). This time I had been working on some exercises to strengthen the weak muscles before I had found out I was pregnant and not wanting it to go completely out the window in the first few...

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Episode 7: Cooler Temps and Food Babies

I love autumn. I’m one of those people who’s favorite season starts in September and ends in December. Cool days and cooler nights, bonfires, falling leaves, hot chocolate, and hoodies…

I get a thrill bringing down and sorting through my fall and winter clothes…however, at this time, I’m 10 weeks along. Where most of my poochy belly is actually a food baby, my non-maternity clothes are too snug and stretched to ridiculousness which leaves me with my maternity clothes… Having worn them with a full-on 9-month belly, though, has left them a bit loose for my food baby.

Oh the fun first quarter of pregnancy

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Episode 6: Weird Things We Talk About

In every chapter of life, it seems like the social norm kind of changes a little. As children, we were told to leave the room when we had to pass gas, but how many of us as adults do that?

Bathroom talk, in general, was discouraged unless it was necessary to make a request of an adult, but now we (as pregnant women or as mothers) find ourselves openly sharing about how often we have to pee or the color, consistency, and even the smell of bowel movements- our own and our children’s.

Growing up, our private parts were private. Now, they have feelings and we discuss how they are feeling because everything changes when you are pregnant.

Everything is a symptom when you’re pregnant, too.

Have a headache? That’s probably because you’re pregnant.

Dry eyes? Pregnancy will do that to you.

Tender or sore lovely lady lumps? You must be pregnant!

Too much saliva? Pregnant

Not enough saliva? Pregnant

Tired? Food cravings or avoidances? Acne? Pregnant!...

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