Woolly-Woolly Mammoth Dryer Balls

The idea of “Woolly-Woollys” (TM Leslie Ford) came to me when we were not only out of dryer sheets, but low on funds to purchase more and even if we did have the funds, Joshua had the van for work and the laundry was a tad on the mountainous side.

        So I looked up alternatives to using dryer sheets. I found one claim that if you take three sheets of aluminum (about 1 foot each) and ball them up as tight as you can and throw them in with your wet laundry, then you will end up with soft and static free clothes without the harshness of the chemicals of typical dryer sheets. I tried it out and it did work, that is until I kept losing the ball that ended up becoming about the size of a golf ball after about a week.

        Then came the doubt as to the healthiness of such an idea. You may have heard or read about the connection aluminum has to alzheimer’s, and unfortunately it even runs in my family, so the fear weed started...

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