Episode 8: Officially A Bun!

I’ll be 12 weeks in just three days and I have finally discovered my bump! I mean my real and actual Bump! When I stand I can hold it all in, for the most part, it’s just my Diastasis Recti… But when I laid down in bed the other night, I could definitely feel a bump! 

I was actually thinking there for a while that maybe it was some sort of fluke (in 3 consecutive pregnancy tests???) because I really wasn’t showing, you know? I felt certain symptoms; the fatigue, the morning sickness that lasted all day, the tender bits, and the like, but as for actually showing… I had nothing. 

When I had gotten pregnant the second and third times I showed right away but that could have been because I didn’t even try to suck it in (hahaha). This time I had been working on some exercises to strengthen the weak muscles before I had found out I was pregnant and not wanting it to go completely out the window in the first few weeks, I kept up the work and it has really paid off!

…to the point I was doubting I was even really pregnant because the lack of bump. And now here we are 🙂 I’m loving my little bump! Even if you can only see it when I lay down…and sort of suck in everything else lol. 

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