About Leslie Ford (Wonder Wife & Mom)

About Leslie… I’ve been a disciple of Christ for 20 years, the wife of Joshua for almost 13 years, and the mom to Trinity, Mercy, Eternity, and Elijah for 10, almost 7, 4 years, and almost 15 months, respectively.

Ever the student of life, I have been learning to shop, eat, clean, grow, and raise all in a more godly, healthy, organic, and chemical-free way.

Why I’m doing this site… I have learned what I have learned by trial and error (mostly error) and want to share my findings.

Knowing the struggle to gain understanding and build convictions for my family’s health and all of the contributing factors concerned, I want to share my experiences in hopes that I can help someone out there who is searching for the same changes and answers- and maybe they can have just that many fewer errors than what I had to endure.


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