Episode 2: The First Big Reveal!

So it’s Labor Day and it’s the day of the first big reveal, but how to do it?

We decided to let Trinity (8) and Mercy (5) draw pictures to tell the news. They really got into it with storylines and everything. Grandparents LOVE grandchildren artwork so this was going to be fun watching the realization sink in!

So we had them stand beside each other and present their artwork. As they explained who each figure was, what they were holding, what they were saying, etc…

“What’s this?” while pointing at the funny bump and tiny person on picture-me’s belly.

“That’s the baby in Mommy’s tummy!”

“So you ARE pregnant!” This was not a question.

When is a surprise not a surprise?

*Sigh* when your squishy belly gives you away because it makes you queasy to hold it in and they’ve actually suspected/known for weeks…

Well, Happy Confirmation Day, then :-/

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