5 Hour Potty Training


I know what you're thinking, "You must be joking!" or else, "Not my toddler!"

Hear me out. The premise of this idea came from the book Toilet Training In Less Than A Day by Nathan H. Azrin, Ph.D and Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D.

I took this route with my oldest after trying Infant Potty Training or Potty Whispering, the Every-20-Minutes-To-The-Toilet method, the Candy-Reward method, and the healthier Sticker-Reward. This method is what finally made the whole potty training thing click for her. 

The basis of this method is staying positive and fully-focused on your toddler for the full 5 hours. I recommend doing this on an uncarpeted floor and in a room you can block off so that there are as little distractions as possible. 

Besides this, you'll need a toddler potty, wipes, a trashcan, a child-safe floor cleaner (for accidents- and they will happen!) and paper towels, about 8 pairs of toddler underwear, salty snacks (to make them thirsty) and a sweet drink (that won't actually...

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