Episode 3: The Big "Quease"

Ok, so the quease-factor so far this pregnancy hasn’t been bad- pretty normal for me. It’s just been a constant feeling of nausea that makes nothing sound good but I can still function well enough to homeschool the girls, prepare meals, lead in the clean-up, etc. It does, however, make reading difficult and the only thing I can really stomach is water and tomato soup. Still, I know it could be worse!

But yesterday, oh boy! I found myself having to stop going to the bathroom to curl up on the floor taking slow deep breaths until I could stand up again. Then I was able to make it to the living room where I had to grab one of the girls’ bean bag chairs and I lay down on that for several minutes to breathe through it.

I figured that maybe I needed to eat something to calm my stomach down so when I was able to, I slowly made a small bowl of cereal and ate it practically laying on the table. When I finished, I was able to take my vitamins and then promptly needed to...

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