Episode 4: DIY Clothes Extenders...

Today I woke up feeling great! A little tired, but no nausea! I even had scrambled eggs, sausage with cheese, and hot chocolate!

Is it too much to hope for that the morning sickness is over? I mean I’ve only been up for four hours, but… *sigh*

Besides that, I’m feeling a little squeezed into my jean capris that I had had to take in twofold (I took them in properly but it wasn’t enough so I added another button to tighten them perfectly). Well, now I have to use the old pony-tail-holder-extender trick.The one where you loop a hair tie around the button hole and then put the loop around the button. I am able to loop to the smaller button, but I’m running out of time to surprise my besties. :-0

I’m thinking of getting them a little something and signing the card with Baby’s name- tricky thing is, obviously, we don’t know if he’s a he or she’s a she :-/


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