I’m Thin and Fine…and I’m not talking about my physique…

Fine, thin, lank, flat, flyaway…

These are just some ways to describe my hair.

It’s also about 26″ long, so volume is just a myth because even blow-drying my hair upside down only gives me about 1/2″ of height and then all the little flyaway baby hairs spread their wings and well, fly away.

My usual routine is to just wash at the roots and work the lather down as far as it will go, then the exact opposite with conditioner. I have to condition every time or else I might have to resort to scissors to get the knots out! Most often I will then let it air dry before I brush it because that’s just healthier all around for hair, especially long hair, especially-especially baby fine hair, but especially-especially-especially long baby fine hair.

But say there is a special occasion and I really want to try to get that 1/2″ of volume. If I’m going to blow-dry I have to use a heat-protecting spray because it could so easily get fried. Plus, I have to tame those flyaways that frame my face so I use just a touch of a smoothing/anti-frizz serum to tame them…

What you might not know about long/baby fine hair is that it doesn’t hold up for very long- like think of an actual baby; “Here, little tiny baby, hold this thing. *Little tiny baby immediately drops the thing* because baby, that’s why. So applying that thinking to baby fine hair means that the tiny bit of volume I manage to coax out of my hair is quickly weighed down by product and then within 20 minutes I’m thinking I should have just let it air dry after all.

I do not have all the answers; I am a student for life. So, is there anyone out there a step or three ahead of me who could tell me what I can do? Because I’m coming to the conclusion that the only good thing baby fine hair (on an adult) is good for is a messy bun.

I will try each suggestion and report my findings 🙂


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