Episode 5: Keeping Ahead of the Quease

I’ve been hiding from the quease for the last several days now. I’ve managed to keep it away by almost constantly eating. 😀

Granted, I’m not talking meal after meal’s worth, just a little something here, a little something there.

Many mini meals, if you will.

Like a small bowl of cereal first, then a little later an apple, then some water, then some hot chocolate (because coffee is still mad at me) then a little after that, maybe a handful of raw almonds and walnuts…

Any way, you get the idea. Keeping the hunger at bay helps keep the acid down which heads off the quease. Granted I feel like I just happen to catch it just right, because this whole getting through the day without wanting to puke just came upon a midnight clear…

Christmas puns in September, oh boy…


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