Cloth Diapers To The Rescue!

Tight finances recently had me calling out to God for help to diaper my toddler. My over-preparing mind wandered about Baby #4’s diapering future, too. Cloth Diapers to the rescue!

When I was pregnant with our first baby, I researched disposables versus cloth and found that obviously, cloth was the way to go for overall health- not only for baby’s skin but the planet as well (yes, cloth diapers to the rescue!) Here is a book that will help with the transition (and in thinking, too!) from disposable to cloth.

We went a couple different routes: pocket and tri-fold, mostly because at the time we could only do half of a small 32 cloth pocket diaper layette and made up the difference with the cheaper, classic tri-fold.

The pocket diapers we went with were BumGenius and they are awesome! Even after using them for different extended times with each of our three daughters, they have minimal wear and tear! We even got a large bag and a small bag for when we go on trips and keeping in the diaper bag. We also got the BumWorks Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer. It definitely makes it easier to rinse them off in the toilet if they need it before putting them in the wash.

We’ve even gone into using cloth diaper wipes and wipe solution! At the start when you buy the cloth diapers, the wipes, the ingredients for the solution, and the ingredients to make your own detergent it is pricey, and it takes a little time to make, but the amount of money you end up saving and the length of time it lasts far outweighs those small “cons”.

Cloth diapers to the rescue, indeed!


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